I will praise Thee, O God, in the sight of Thy Angels.

O Mary Immaculate, great Queen of Heaven and earth and our gentle advocate, we beg Thee to intercede for us. Pray God to send St. Michael and the holy Angels to ward off all the obstacles contrary to the reign of the Sacred Heart in our souls, our families, our country and in the whole world.


And thou, O holy Michael, Prince of the Heavenly hosts, chief among the archons of this world, from our hearts we beg thee to come to our aid.

Sovereign Principalities, you who are the Princes of Nations, we beseech you to guard our country effectively, that it may realize God’s designs in its regard. 

St. Michael, the Archangel, and all ye Holy Angels, protect us in our combats, that we may not perish in the tremendous judgment of God.


attribution unknown

borrowed from Rune Soup