• Chariot's Wheels' Auspicious Timing Calendar

    A magical aid to help you find good times for practical enchantment!

  • CW (1)

    I don't know that I can
    wait 'til tomorrow
    to taste those lips again.
    Its but a few more
    hours to wait --
    it seems the minutes
    will never end,
    before I can get your
    body next to mine;
    'til your hips are
    under mine.
    Look up at me with
    those storm cloud eyes,
    smile at me and ask me
    to kiss those lips,
    ask for more and
    it will be yours.

    (with thanks to reywD for letting me steal his album title repeatedly)

  • Fragment 1

    In sleep,

    Your hand clasps my wrist

    As you slip deeper

    I expect you to relax, release --

    Instead you hold tighter;

    Even in sleep , you hold fast.

    I listen to the sound of your breath

    And lay my head on your shoulder

  • Fragments 3

    The very sound of your voice rings a magical chord

  • in my arms

    I think about you
    Every single day --
    If you're not
    in my arms
    I'm missing you

  • Initiation of The Witch

    A ritual working with The Forty Servants, focusing on The Witch as intermediary for the entire system.

  • Invoking Hekate

    Initiation of The Witch Part Two

  • Solve et Coagula or: The Chemical Wedding

    I had a dream last night --
    you took my hand and said to me:

  • The Ganymede Fragments

    Fragments from The Boy Wonder Years

  • The Persistence of Memory (CWII)

    half awake; of you: dreaming --
    in your eyes I see that look
    call out to me without words;
    vision fades, in dreams I see you best.
  • Untitled - I Will Come For You

    I will come for you
    no matter where
    no matter when
    no matter how far.
    Though I have to rend
    the very fabric of space
    and time --
    I will come for you.
    No God
    No Angel
    No Devil
    will dare bar my way
    when I come for you.

  • Welcome to Derby Street

    Allen Edmonds' Leeds Derby 2

    Welcome to Derby Street

    Hey, man, nice kicks!

  • Working The Witch

    Initiation of The Witch Part 3