My first  youTube video! Not exactly a tutorial, but a little bit on canvases in iRay.


So I was browsing deviantArt and came across a post from sickleyield for her June Render Challenge, which led me to some tutorials she had posted, one on rendering night scenes (which, for me, was reminiscent of my Dark is Not the Absence of Light) and another on using canvases (a feature of the iRay render engine).

I've been toying with the idea of moving to video for reviews and tutorials.  After watching sickleyield's, I just jumped in and recorded an addendum to sickleyield's own tutorial.  I ramble and stumble a bit, but I think it wasn't too bad for a first time.

I'm going to do more. If you want, you can check it out below. And here's a link directly to sickleyield's video

My First YouTube Video

And of course, the products I mentioned in the video, that highly recommend:

Painter's Lights

Parkside Loading Bay

fsl Fantasy Clutter

And one I didn't mention : Mage Tower iRay Accessories