A magical servitor made for public access to assist in all your writing endeavors.


I want to preface this by saying that this servitor would not exist without the work and friendship of the inimitable Tommie Kelly of Adventures in Woo Woo. If you are familiar with Wizard Kelly's work, you might notice a similarity of style here. Wizard Kelly is an inspiration. The Scribe is not a Servant, but he is definitely Forty Servants adjacent, and while there is some cross over with a few Servants, his niche is a little more specific. If you are unsure what a servitor is, I suggest you refer to Wizard Kelly's page on The Forty Servants or other pages on the Internet, I have no desire to remake the wheel. I will, however, say that I have had some experience creating and caring for servitors and have had good success with this type of magic (far better than my abysmal track record with sigils). The Scribe is the first servitor I have created with the intent that he be used by others. 


  • Elemental Attribution:Air
  • Planetary Attribution: Mercury
  • Perfumes: Lavender or  Benzoin Sumatra or  Frankincense and Cedar blended together
  • Offerings: paper, ink, personal writings, coffee (Sumatran is best), dark rum and tobacco (never cigarettes, he quit those)
  • Motto/Mantra: Are you moving?

The Scribe is a servitor designed to  help in multiple areas, both magical and mundane.

On the mundane side, The Scribe is a master of dialogue. He can assist you with a wide range of conversational issues, from witty banter to conflict resolution. If it involves speaking to another person or persons, he will be your ally.

This is not, however, public speaking. He will be no help in addressing crowds, though he might help you think on your feet when fishing for the right thing to say. He can be employed to write speeches and presentations, just not in delivering them.

He's an expert in transcription, but can not always be trusted to not introduce something novel or an embellishment of his own.

He is also good at taking notes, but sometimes his organizational skills are lacking in that area.

On the magical side, you will have no greater ally when it comes to detailing your personal magical narrative. He will assist you in journaling and magical diaries and if you are using narrative as sigil or spellwork he excels in those areas.

He is also adept at the creation of prayers and orations useful for ritual.

In the overlap of magical and mundane, The Scribe can help with all your creative writing projects and scholastic writing endeavors.

There is an element of The Trickster involved with The Scribe, so it is best to keep an eye on him while he is being employed.

He also has a secret name that he may share with you, but he has been known to lie about his name (he is, by nature, somewhat deceptive, but he only lies about his name). ALW 51.

A final word of warning. While The Scribe is being employed, choose and employ your own words with care. Words are magical, they have power and meaning and they are the tools of his trade. He will not take it kindly if you are careless while asking for his help.


Post Script

Thanks go to Tommy Kelly for drawing the seal, and for just everything. Thanks also to the rest of the Forty Servants Admin Team: Morgan, Andrea and Jerome, for being a great bunch of people and for their valuable insights and irrepresible wit.

The picture to the left here (depending on your viewing platform) is from the wrap up of The Scribe's empowering ritual. A lot of work, and waiting, went into his creation. Just a few notes from the ritual, if you will indulge me.

My two oldest and strongest patron dieties were invoked: Hermes and Hekate along with their alter egos in the Forty Servants: The Witch and The Messenger.

I also enlisted the aid of the Archangel Raphael, and I am indebted to the work of Aaron and Carrie Mikell Leitch from Doc Solomon's Occult Curio's; I was just thinking this morning, I have a lot of magic books, but there are only two I literally carry around with me daily and those are both by Aaron Leitch. Their fantastic Raphael candle can be seen center stage here, as it were, with the Seal of Raphael under it.

Through the auspices of both Hermes and Hekate, I enlisted the aid of the restless dead. If you use The Scribe, maybe give a nod towards them in your next working (Prayer for The Dead).

I made offerings of bread that I baked that morning, with Smart Balance and honey; milk; water and the last of the mead I brought home from my trip to Ireland.