Short meditations on The Forty Servants


The Mother

In those moments
when you must wear
your bravest face as a mask
indeed, as armor
you will find me there.

The Witch

Invocation of The Witch Enodia*

I am the Queen
of earth and sky and sea
lady of the crossroads:
and patron of the restless dead.
Call me Polyonymous
and through me,
authority over all.


Mark my grave with crosses three,
turn 'round twice and go,
no looking back.
I'll meet you at the crossroads,
or on the courthouse steps;
if you say my name
best it be a whisper.

The Balancer copyThe Balancer

I lay between
what the heart desires most
and what the body must to survive;
the heart can not be tamed
but it may be tempered
the body can not be denied
but it may be disciplined.

I am the beginning,
I am the end --
I am the eternal, turning, moment between.

The Protector The Protector copy

when you have
used up all your weapons
and your armor is destroyed
I will be your sword
and your shield

The Messenger The Messenger copy

on black wings
I fly
to carry prayers heavenward,
and missives, earthbound,
to ears that will hear.


Invocation of Diaktoros

I am Diaktoros,
on swift wings I fly --
silent, invisible;
no border may contain me,
for all borders are mine
and the between places as well.
I am El Nuncio
I am Psychopompos
I am The Herald
I am Diaktoros:
heed my words.

The Depleted The Depleted

Though I hang on the Tree of Woe,
Only the sky has no end.

The Desperate

I am the torturer
And the tortured;
Fear and pain and loss
are the tools of my trade.

The Father

I am the guardian at the gates
of initiation and sacrifice --
there will be blood;
but my love is a radiance,
that is terrible to behold.