Initiation of The Witch Part Two


The Invocation of Hekate

(The Invocation is the work of Leonardo Drakon, I suggest you read his article on how it was composed. It originates, as noted above, within the PGM. For the untranslatable passages, there is a pronounciation key at the end of this article.)

Purpose: To establish a relationship with Hekate and (if so desired) establish a relationship between Hekate and The Witch servitor.

Ritual Preperation:

Timing: One should perform this invocation on three consequetive nights.  Perform this ritual so that it culminates either on the night of the dark moon or on an appropriate feast day sacred to Hekate (such as August 13th).


  • an offering of milk and honey
  • 3 candles or tealights, white or black
  • appropriate incense
  • an image or statue of Hekate (optional)
  • The Witch card or other representation of The Witch, such as her sigil (optional)

Establish your ritual space as you are accustomed. This should be considered a siginificant magical working, you are invoking a very ancient and powerful deity. Treat your preperations appropriately. Clear the air with a suitable incense: pure frankincense or some other sanctifying incense. Spend some time in meditation or prayer, contemplating Hekate and The Witch. Seek how they overlap and coincide.  See how they are different, but the same. At the end of your meditation, bring to mind the sigil of The Witch and see it as if illuminated by the light of two torches.

 Kindle your incense offering to Hekate and cense the area.

Light the three candles.

Take three deep breaths and begin the invocation:

Come! Hekate, giantess, Dione’s guard, Persia, Baubo, Phroune, arrow-shooter, unconquered, Lydian, indomitable noble-born  torch-bearing queen! You who are the bender of proud necks; O Kore,  hear me parter of the adamantine gates, O Hekate-Artemis guardian and Great one. You are the mistress who bursts forth from the earth, leader of dogs and all powerful lady of the crossroads –  Einodia! O triple-headed  light-bringer and sacred virgin, I invoke you, fawn-slayer, astute-one, infernal Aidonia, you of many forms. 

Come, Hekate, of the three ways, you who with your fire-breathing phantoms oversee the dreaded paths and harsh enchantments.

Come Hekate, I invoke you with those who have untimely perished and those heroes who have died wifeless and childless, whose souls hiss wildly with  yearning hearts. 

Come Hekate with your legions of the restless dead and make all spirits subject unto me: so that every spirit of the firmament and of the ether; upon the earth and under the earth; on dry land or in the water; of whirling air or of rushing fire; and every spell and scourge of these vast Cosmos be obedient unto me.

But you, Oh Hekate, of many names, virgin, maiden; come Goddess! I invoke you guardian of favor and of shelter. O Hekate-Persephone, triple-faced, fire-walker, cow-eyed, BOUORPhORBÊ, PANPhORBA, PhORBARA • AKTIÓPhI ERESChIGAL NEBOUTOSOUALÊTh •  You who stands beside the gates PUPULÊDEDEZÓ and you who are the gate-breaker.

 Come, Hekate, of flaming council, I invoke you with these incantations.


Rise now from the liminal shadows to empower my magic and guide forth my intent from the depths of the oceans to the heights of the heavens, that my desires may manifest here upon this earth.

Come Hekate, hear me and make all spirits subject unto me: so that every spirit of the firmament and of the ether; upon the earth and under the earth; on dry land or in the water; of whirling air or of rushing fire; and every spell and scourge of these vast Cosmos be obedient unto me.

THENÔB TITHELÊB ÊNÔR TENTHÊNÔR. Many-named One, KYZALEOUSA PAZAOUS. Wherefore, KALLIDÊCHMA and PSAB of unresting burning fire and Orion and Michael seated above. You who hold power over the seven waters and the earth! You who are the summoner of the great serpent


IÔ all-dominator and IÔ all-protector.IÔ all-nurturer. ZÊLACHNA and SAAD SABIÔTHE NOUMILLON NATHOMEINA always KEINÊTH, brave THÊSEUS ONYX, prudent DAMNAMENEUS, O avenging web-spinning goddess,  mistress of the dead – Nekuia, Persia, SEBARA AKRA.

Together we stand at this crossroad between the realm of the living and the kingdom of the dead. At this place that is not a place, at this time that is not a time, in this world that is not a world. We are filled with power that whensoever we call upon any of the spirits of this earth and of dead that they come swiftly and appear before us without deformity and without delay – visibly and affably speaking unto us with a clear voice – intelligible and without any ambiguity, answering our questions and manifesting our desires.

Pronounciation help for the nomina baraba

I got this helpful key from the PGM study group on Facebook. Where Leonardo writes "u" above such as "PUPULÊDEDEZÓ ", use the dipthong pronounciation "eu".

TH, CH, and PH are _never_ pronounced like the th in the, the ch in chip, and the ph in phone. They are _always_ pronounced "hard"- TH sounds like the t in tea, CH sounds like the ck in back, and PH sounds like the p in pretty.
Now, the PH is a hard "p" noise, but there's a maybe tiny little "huh" after it- like the "ph" in Uphill.
But it's still just a "p" for all practical purposes

A is always like the a in father.
AI is like the "ay" the ai makes in the name in Isaiah
AI = "ay"
AU = "ow" as in "grown"
An E without an accent makes the "e" noise that the e makes in "fret."
An E _with_ an accent makes an "ay" noise.
EU makes the "ew" in "few'
EI also makes an "ay" noise.
Sometimes it makes an ee noise as in "feed"
But EI is safely "ay" in nearly all circumstance
O without an accent makes the "o" sound in "not"
O with an accent make the "o" noise in "home"
OI makes the oi noise in "Boil"
Y makes a weird "u" noise that you can make by making your lips into a tight round circle, and trying to say "eee"
If you end up making an "ew" noise when you try to say "Y", you're still 90% correct.
French has that sound. In the french word "du" and many others
OU makes the sound "u" makes in "rule"
I makes the ee noise in "feed."
Also, I forget a dipthong. GG makes the soung "ng" as in "anger". Take the i of of the ing, and leave the ng.
I have one more dipthong for you. PS = the "ps" in "lapse." You say the PS fast.
Okay, consonants are easy.

B is as the b in "bad"
G is as the g in "get"
D is as the d in "day"
Z is as the z in "zoo"
K is as the k in "king"
L is as the l in "lyre"
M as in the m in "muse"
N is as the n in "now"
X is as the x in "next"
P is as the p in "pie"
R is as the r in "rich"
S is as the s in "sit"
T is as the t in "tap"

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