The next time I see one of those stupid stick figure bumper stickers, I am going to run the driver off the road. Saw one this morning, then noticed the guy was a Veteran and a Marine.  Those things will usually get me to overlook a lot... especially in traffic. But I will not overlook this. Shame the guy wouldn't look over at me no matter how hard I stared at him as I passed him or he passed me as we went down the highway.  I was so primed to give him the finger.  Eloquent, I know... but that's the response he deserved, Veteran or not.

I don't know what it is going to take to get these people to wake up. Its not even a matter of changing times or values, or what have you. Just because the man-woman-2 children model was the DOMINANT one for a long time, does not me it was the only one.  Its NOT the only one, and it has NEVER been the only one.

Those who preach about Family Values don't seem to have a clue as to what really makes a family. Frankly, if they spoke to me and got even a hint of who I consider my family to be, they'd probably need an exorcist and damn quick.

But times are changing. And the alternate family models are becoming more and more mainstream. This is not a bad thing. Family is and should be defined by the loving bonds we form. A family without love, no matter who it is comprised of, is no family at all.

Have not the strongest
And closest ties been bound so long
I've called upon them
They remind me where I'm from
With deep conviction
I am connected cross the miles
With out them nothing worth relying on

- "Chiron", All That Remains