• Chariot's Wheels' Auspicious Timing April 2019

    I wanted to have this done last week; didn't quite make it.  You'll see stuff gets filled in to the calendar as I go along, so if this interests you feel free to look ahead a bit (not yet!).

  • Chariot's Wheels' Auspicious Timing Calendar

    A magical aid to help you find good times for practical enchantment!

  • Chariot's Wheels' Auspicious Timing Calendar February 2020

    I really need to get into a rhythm for doing these articles and getting them out the door on time. I worked hard to make sure the first two months of the calendar were completed, but never set aside time to talk about them.  So, here's a little spiel for February, just a tad late.

  • Chariot's Wheels' Auspicious Timing Calendar March 2020

    Well, what do you know... I'm writing the monthly article ahead of time for a change. Taking a look at your month ahead in magic with March 2020.

  • Chariot's Wheels' Auspicious Timing Calendar November 2019

    "...a time for abominable heresy." - Austin Coppock, quoting Firmicus

  • Magic of the Planets and Hours

    The Attribution of the planets to the days is encountered in the Græco-Egyptian papyri...as well as the much later grimoires, and is likely of Chaldean origin, as is the seven day week. The planetary hours schema is an adaption of Egyptian ideas encountered at around the same time. As well as coming together at the dawn of the Western magical tradition the planetary days and the planetary hours are also mathematically inseparable." -Jake Stratton-Kent, The True Grimoire (Encyclopedia Goetica Book 1)