Magical Diary

Io, Hermes!
Sacred Son or Arcadia,
Father to Pan and lover
of Krokos,
Hermes Pompaios
be my guide in all things.

Fill my heart
with glad tidings
and my steps with joy;
enliven my tongue,
hone my wit:
Hermes Dotor Eaton,
smile upon me and mine.

Io, Hermes!
curious monotheism
of a generation,
in Your darkest heart
You could not condone
these perpetrations
in Your Name.
Hermes Epikthonis,
pray for us all.

The obligation is complete.

I've invoked a few divinities, with varying success. I've created a handful of servitors that more often than not did what they were told. I have never summoned anything, deliberately. I have never attempted to contact an intelligence or other entity, at least not consciously.

Gentle Hermes, most kind,
friend of man and woman,
guide to Orpheus and Eurydice
and protector of Persephone;

Meditation Incense (Liber MMM)


  • 2 parts Frankincense
  • 1 part Benzoin
  • 1 part White Sandalwood
  • Red Cedar
  • Honey
  • Wine/Mead

Compounding: Use a high quality Frankincense, or the combination of Benzoin and Sandalwood will overpower it. I prefer Bezoin Sumatra, but Benzoin Siam should work as well. Grind all of the ingredients to a fine powder.  Reserve the Red Cedar.  Allow the other powdered ingredients to rest for no less than a week in an airtight container, occaisionaly mixing.  After the ingredients have blended, add a dollop of honey (not a lot, just enough to bind loosely) and mix well.  Add enough wine/mead to produce a crumbly dough. Form a flat sheet from the dough by rolling into a mass and then flattenting.  Dust the top of the dough with red cedar.  Allow to dry sufficiently that you can flip and dust the other side with more red cedar.  Allow to dry again.  Cut the dough into small chunks.  Place into an air tight container and add more red cedar.  Carefully manipulate the container so the cedar coats the incense chunks. Store for at least 24 hours before use.

My original notes refer to Liber MMM, but I find no trace of a recipie in the text, so I believe this was my own recipie originally compounded when I was studying Liber MMM.

Currently undergoing slight reformulation and tweaking.