Daz Studio

Anyone who knows me knows that I don't do anything quick. But content is king, and if I want to compete with all the clickbait out there and keep your attention, I really gotta start pushing out more content. But its gotta be quality content. So, here's my first Quick Shot: part product usage tutorial/tips, part review, part product push for some of my favorite content artists.

Creative Emissive Lighting by Khory

In the interest of full disclosure, I recieved a pre-release copy of this product and I contributed some editorial comments on the included PDF file. That in no way contributed to my desire to write this article nor did it color my opinion of the product. If you've read my other work, you know I am a fan of Khory's work, but I always try to be fair.

When I first recieved the files for this set, I must admit I was a little bewildered as to how I might use it. To say that its a mixed bag is putting it lightly. Khory always pushes the boundaries with her lights, its something I always admired about her and why I always picked up her light sets: there was always something new to learn, some interesting angle that she had come up with that no one else was doing at the time. But this set... its not your average set of lights. Its not properly a set of lights at all: its a toolkit, a paint box to add lighted surfaces to your renders.

Came for the throneRender Studio Iray

Render Studio Iray is a new product from the mind of Colm Jackson of Runtime DNA.  Render Studio, as a concept, goes back several years. The first product, if I recall correctly, was Render Studio for Vue. That was one of my first introductions to Vue and I bought Render Studio, which was (at the time) a handful of props and some lighting.  Not long after Render Studio for Vue, the first Render Studio for Poser was introduced.